Friday, May 30, 2008

The Interweb

There's only so much that I can do on the internet. Perez Hilton and Dlisted don't update enough for me to be entertained for the last 3 hours of work. You can only drool over a Marc Jacobs bag on his Web site for so long that your keys are getting all wet. Not enough people have new albums on Flcikr and facebook to keep me entertained.

I need new Web sites to look at. Or maybe I just need to work more. But I am still in training so really there isn't anything to do.

BTW, I have a new job. Do I like it? Sure? It's a job. Like I said to someone, it's not stationery. Nothing will ever compare to stationery. Or at least I say that for now. I can't complain too much though. The people are very cool and look at my cubicle.

Sex and the City tonight. Oh man, how excited am I? Very! I love Carrie! I love the clothes. I just love it all. I fell in love with the show 3 years ago and couldn't stop watching the DVDs. Yeah, it might be scandalous and speak of things that good Christian boys and girls shouldn't be doing outside the bounds of marriage, but man oh man, how I love that show. Is it weird that I actually learned a lot about relationships that way. Not just male and female relationships, but also friendships. If you watch the show, you know each of the four girls are drastically different. I liked how they interacted. They were all honest with each other but the show still showed natural conflict. And I liked to see how they handled it.

All in all it was a great show and I wish it was still an up and running show.

Monday, May 19, 2008


As I am sitting in training at CareerBuilder I am regreting hitting the snooze button 3.5 times and not washing my hair this morning. As many people know, I am 'that guy' that washes my hair everysingleday. I say 'I need to, my hair is greasy", but was corrected by Miss Amanda Ross that says, "Don't you mean oily?".

What else would I do being struck by complete boredom? Google hair powder. After realizing that I didn't want to spend forty monies on bumble&bumble hair powder I found a blog about using cornstarch. Here's the deal, I was born and raised and proud to be from the South, but I've never used cornstarch in my life. So maybe I could be called a Modern Southernist?

(Modern Southernist: I will expound on what I feel is a Modern Sourthernist since I just created that term just a secound ago. I really feel like I need to dedicate a blog (my life!) to this term in which I am now claiming.)

But back to Cornstarch vs. Bumble&Bumble...

Tonight, when I get home from work/Octane/picking sister bear up at the airport, I am going to walk into the Edgewood Kroger (of course after I redo make up and wear my trendiest outfit) to walk down the flour/sugar aisle (I think it will be down that aisle?) to buy my first bag of cornstarch for less than two dollars. At this time, I will fictionally be saving twothirtyeight dollars since I am not buying Bumle&Bumble.

Here's to Cornstarch and contributing to water conservation.