Friday, May 30, 2008

The Interweb

There's only so much that I can do on the internet. Perez Hilton and Dlisted don't update enough for me to be entertained for the last 3 hours of work. You can only drool over a Marc Jacobs bag on his Web site for so long that your keys are getting all wet. Not enough people have new albums on Flcikr and facebook to keep me entertained.

I need new Web sites to look at. Or maybe I just need to work more. But I am still in training so really there isn't anything to do.

BTW, I have a new job. Do I like it? Sure? It's a job. Like I said to someone, it's not stationery. Nothing will ever compare to stationery. Or at least I say that for now. I can't complain too much though. The people are very cool and look at my cubicle.

Sex and the City tonight. Oh man, how excited am I? Very! I love Carrie! I love the clothes. I just love it all. I fell in love with the show 3 years ago and couldn't stop watching the DVDs. Yeah, it might be scandalous and speak of things that good Christian boys and girls shouldn't be doing outside the bounds of marriage, but man oh man, how I love that show. Is it weird that I actually learned a lot about relationships that way. Not just male and female relationships, but also friendships. If you watch the show, you know each of the four girls are drastically different. I liked how they interacted. They were all honest with each other but the show still showed natural conflict. And I liked to see how they handled it.

All in all it was a great show and I wish it was still an up and running show.


Amy said...

hey ashley it's amy really should get into if you haven't already. updated many times daily with smart commentary and hilarious stuff. great time waster and it holds my attention all day. just hit refresh!

congrats on the new job btw!

T. McKay Battles said...

that is probably the most heartfelt in depth thing i've ever read about sex and the city. that might be kind of sad.

sarah said...

HEY. don't you read get into it! they are so funny.

j. a. beiser said...

I have a lot of websites you can look at if you like boring things.

josh said... is awesome. i also read digg a lot, but i think thats more for geeky males. is another old standby.

also, get back on twitter.

Cold Rabbit said...

It's your old Starbucks pal Leonia - whats up?!?!?! Cool blog!!

Amanda Ross said...

ashley, i will go ahead and concur with sarah on Mean, funny bitches. a bit verbose for my taste sometimes, but they give it to jessica simpson, and that's what counts. ALSO. i've been telling you about, and you really could get into that as well. Or play who wants to be a millionaire on the website and practice your love for trivia. there's so much you could do for 3 hours a day. love you.

shaikens said...

ashley, I don't know you but I clicked on your link from zach's blog... and I think your blog is hilarious! check my blog out!
i saw sex and the city a few weeks ago, and i loooooooved it.
also- i am running out of other websites to check too. i am living alone this summer and all i have to do is the internet and homework.
ill add yours to my list!