Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Love. Hate. Technology.

Obviously I love technology.

I blog. I use Twitter. I had a LiveJournal, a Xanga and a MySpace. I've plurked. I live on
facebook. I would feel disconnected if I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I work
for a dotcom company. Google street view. Gmail. Google anything.

Obviously I hate technology.
I love a hand written letter. Postage prices go up more than gas prices. No one
reads the newspaper so my dad got canned from The AJC after 19 years. I got canned
from a stationery store due to email and evites. Polaroid’s are archaic. You
can’t have a conversation with someone without facebook or YouTube coming up. I get bitched out over emails and blogs.

All I know is this.

We need technology to survive these days. I can’t spell worth shit. I need
an application called CheckPlease to compute percentages at restaurants. If the
internet goes down at work, I go down. I’ve converted tapes to CDs and then CDs
to iTunes and what’s next?

Only if technology could cure cancer, erase our nation’s debt and feed the poor I will take back all the things I hate about technology.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Five Eyes Not Five Guys

Yesterday, after 8 hours of my left eye being blurry and everything not really feeling right, I decided to investigate what the crap was going on. I thought it was weird anyway since they were brand new contacts. When I took my contact out, I realized I got two for the price of one. I had 2 contacts in my left eye. TWO CONTACTS.

The manufacturing guys probably justified the two contacts since the contact package before contained a dried and shriveled up contact from an apparent leak in the top.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

It’s a Thursday, but it feels like a Friday. The holidays make everything slow(er). Slow drivers. Slow days ticking by. Sloooooow. The only thing that is slow is the amount of gray hair that I am getting. It’s ridiculous.

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. A lot of big things have happened.

I like list.

    1. CareerBuilder lays off 400 people
    2. I gotz a new car
    3. Lazarus Candle Light Christmas Dinner
    4. Second Annual Polaroid Party
    5. Spirit Week!
    6. Poker (I hardly know her!)
    7. Cubes Moving on Friday

CareerBuilder lays off 400 people…..

That was a scary and long day. Nothing slow about that day. A blog was passed around confirming that CB was doing major layoffs. There is nothing like hearing about a layoff and contemplating if you are really needed. I didn’t want 2008 being the year that I was layed off two times. But shit happens.

Luckily, I was fortunate enough not to be one of ones who got a box full of their stuff on
a Friday afternoon. Luckily, I am still employed.

I gotz a new car…..

This is a pretty big deal. My car was janky. Now I am a proud owner a 2008 Nissan Sentra.

How it was janky you ask?

  • The emissions light had been on for 6 months (my bad).
  • It survived two window bashing/break-ins. It’s been through a tornado that caused a window to bust.
  • I think I got into two minor wrecks (not my fault!).
  • The stereo crapped out on me 3 weeks ago, so I was driving around in silence. I thought it was a sign from the Lord that I needed to pray more. Only because after a service I said to me, myself and I would use my commute time to spend that time in prayer.
  • That lasted for 2 days and then I had to get my Wilco fix in (Shot in the arm).
  • My CD player eat a CD about a year and a half ago and never barfed it out.
  • The handle on the outside of my car fell off a year or two ago. That was just an inconvenience, but when the handle fell off on the inside of my car, that was just absurd! So I was classy and rolled my window down whenever I needed to get out of my car.

Lazarus Christmas Dinner

David Gordon and myself are partners in crime when it comes to leading the food section for Lazarus events. He plans it and I email. It sounds easy, but when you
are car looking, over loaded at work and only have email access by phone whilst not at work it can be daunting. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. Thanks to a success to a ‘Socket Drive’ that co-workers and I hosted at CareerBuilder, we were able to donate around1,500 socks and 100 blankets to the Homeless of Atlanta. FTW!

Spirit Week!

To boost office morale, we are in the midst of spirit week. Pajama day Monday.
Team/cube decoration on Wednesday. Movie day on Friday and much more. We didn’t win the decoration contest because we didn’t have a pregnant chick dressed as a penguin, but we did have the most original idea. As you can see.

Poker (I hardly know her!)

So I was leaving The Local last night at a reasonable time and I heard my name.
I turned and it was my friends Vince and Geoff from my Rounder days. I’ve been
itching to play cards again, I feel as the Lord has been telling me to start
playing again. I talked to Pat Tate about it on Tuesday. Saw Vince and Geoff on
Wednesday. Maybe not the Lord, just coincidence. But I would like to say the
Lord, because I always feel highly favored when I take everyone’s cash money

Cubes Moving on Friday

This will be a sad day. This will be my first cube move in the 7 months that I’ve been at CareerBuilder. With new sales alignments and the massive layoff, we are moving cubes and teams. I will part ways with a lot of my team members who I now call friends.
I know this has been a long one. But it’s been a long time since I posted last. Mike Dunn said he would read it at least, my fellow office job friend. I have two New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Buy new music
  2. Blog more.
  3. Have a legit date to my sister’s wedding in June (free booze!) I threw this one in on a whim or a desperate plea.