Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Love. Hate. Technology.

Obviously I love technology.

I blog. I use Twitter. I had a LiveJournal, a Xanga and a MySpace. I've plurked. I live on
facebook. I would feel disconnected if I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I work
for a dotcom company. Google street view. Gmail. Google anything.

Obviously I hate technology.
I love a hand written letter. Postage prices go up more than gas prices. No one
reads the newspaper so my dad got canned from The AJC after 19 years. I got canned
from a stationery store due to email and evites. Polaroid’s are archaic. You
can’t have a conversation with someone without facebook or YouTube coming up. I get bitched out over emails and blogs.

All I know is this.

We need technology to survive these days. I can’t spell worth shit. I need
an application called CheckPlease to compute percentages at restaurants. If the
internet goes down at work, I go down. I’ve converted tapes to CDs and then CDs
to iTunes and what’s next?

Only if technology could cure cancer, erase our nation’s debt and feed the poor I will take back all the things I hate about technology.

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