Monday, June 16, 2008

Dreams and reality go together like Britney Spears and The Flaming Lips

Before I go any further, has anyone else noticed that the
beginning of Are you A Hypnotist? by The Flaming Lips sounds uncannily to Lucky by Britney Spears?

Ok, it’s just me.

It’s good to have a dream and it’s good to talk about it. If you don’t talk about your dreams then it’s easier for let them to just become fairytales that never become reality and then it’s just something that you think about. Constantly. When Vinings Stationery closed in April, I closed that chapter in my life. I have a feel thousand sheets of paper with my name on them, the fanciest desk arrangement at CareerBuilder and some helpful hints to friends who are biting the bullet and getting married. I told myself I will always love stationery like I love Christmas mornings, but that will be the extent of it. I’ve been on this earth just shy of 24 years and whenever something comes at me big or small (that’s what she said?), major or minuet, it’s been very easy for me to just say, “I guess the Lord has something bigger for me”. I think I cheapen myself and the work of the Lord by just saying that.

For the past couple of years, I’ve dreamed of having my own paper store. To be able to roll around paper and envelopes and justifying to myself and my credit card on spending $100 every month on stamps. BTW, there are some awesome new $.42 stamps out. Next to my gym in Glenwood Park is an open space. On the corner. For all to see. I just walked and flashes of color and ideas started to fill my brain again. When I was in Savannah a couple of weeks ago, I walked into a boutique of paper, Parisian things and odds and ends and died a little inside. Just because I am not doing the stationery thing at the moment, doesn’t mean I don’t have it in my future. I believe- deep down in my gut that the Lord puts things on our hearts, and it’s then our responsibility to cultivate the dream and make it grow.

I haven’t met many people who do retail and love it like I do/did. Oh man, the burning in my heart that was felt when someone saw the finished product of their wedding invitation was my favorite thing. Even though they might need a second run of them with a different grooms name and date due to the big D, I still loved what I did.

So I am pretty much putting my dream in writing and for you to hold me accountable to not let it just be a dream. Also, whatever is on the internet is tried and true. Unshakable. The word of Lord. If it’s on the internet it has to be right.



Anonymous said...

This is Marlena. DO IT!!!!!!! That is all :)

berlymarie said...

I love paper.
I will shop at your store.
Just make it closer than vinings.... maybe on the "strip" in Grant Park. Just sayin!

Shaunna Faye said...

Open your own store and hire me.

Rachael said...

(sigh) I love you! I understand. Hang in there... because, posts on your internet blog that combine stationery, Jesus and Eames are a sure sign that SOMETHIN' is happenin'. :-)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you have a dream, thought and desire. Your first step of living your dream is to share it!! You’ve done that!! In order to achieve your dream and live the life that you want to have, you have to make a plan and take action to create the life you love!! NEVER EVER stop dreaming!!YOU can make it happen! :-))