Monday, July 7, 2008

bloggity blog blog

The last time I swore off alcohol was January 1, 2006 at 8something p.m. This time it’s July 5, 2008 at 7something p.m. It might be for a day or a week or a month, not a year, but at the moment I will order water.

I don’t think anyone wears drunk well. It’s expensive, can get messy and ultimately as a follower of Jesus- is just isn’t good. I know moderation 96% of the time. But the other 4% of time I can just be foolish.

It’s my birthday on Thursday. Lauren will be leaving for Africa then and Tiffany will be on Warped Tour. Leah and Josh will be doing good things in Bolivia. Katja is still in Alaska so she won’t be able to bake me anything. Jessica Simpson and I share birthdays, so she will probably be in Dallas with Tony or hanging out with Ashlee and Pete. She said we would get together this year but I think she is going to be somewhere else, again. That Bitch. There are other things I can talk about to be more dramatic than I already am, but I will refrain because we are going to Après Diem tonight to celebrate me and Kelli. I will have my favorites with me then so I need not to worry about it.

I may make people meet me at Octane on Thursday. So I will be around others that I love. So keep your calendar clear and drink coffee with me. As I said to Lauren, I am going to Make it Happen on Thursday, not the ‘MIH way’, but the ‘It’s my birthday way’.

BTW/FYI/NBD, if you really love me, then you would get me the little man in the right hand corner of my bloggity blog blog for my birfday.


Rachael said...

Wait. If I get you a cute lion cub then I'm still IN? :-) NOOOOO PROOOBLEM!

Êtes-vous là? said...

I'll be at Octane on thursday!!