Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recurring Nightmare #281

Because of Natalie Dee, I am posting about a dream I have on many occasions but not as much lately.

There are some dreams that I have over and over and over again. The reoccurring dreams are as listed: A) the many scenarios that keep me from graduating college B) drinking gallons and gallons of water and C) my teeth are falling out by the thousands. My dreams are real. Almost too real. When I first wake it takes me a minute to realize what was a dream or what’s reality. I can go hours trying to figure out if a conversation that I had in my dream was really just the dream, or if it was real and I continued it through the dream. I know when I am stressed or upset or scared, I channel these emotions through my dreams. The one dream that I hate to have is the one where I am doing normal day things, but the whole time my teeth are falling out. Like spitting out watermelon seeds, I spit out my teeth. Or I pull my teeth out. But the thing is, it’s like I have 345 sets of teeth. My teeth hurt in the morning and I just feel weird.


Josh Cook said...

losing your teeth in dreams is supposed to symbolize losing your values. are you losing your values, ashley?

ashelywilson said...

you can't loose them if you never had them.