Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have you met Ted?

There are only a couple of television shows that I will recommend.

Friends. Are You Afraid of the Dark. Gossip Girl. Rock of Love. Sex and the City. Lost.

But at the moment, How I Met Your Mother is the only show that I would really do anything for (but I won't do that). When NPH walks onto the screen I know I'm going to laugh. When I use a high five in a real life setting, I think of how proud Barney would be. When people say they are going to McCrackens in Marietta -- I think of McClarens. If I see Canada on a map, I think of Robin Scherbatsky. When I step into Lenox or Town Center I hum the tune of 'Let's Go to the Mall". I had Marshmellow and Lily Pad on my top friends when I had the myspace. Jason Segal is a sexy beast in my eyes.

All of this to say, I didn't publicly endorse a politician in 2008. But for 2009, I will campaign the crap of out this show. So do yourself a favor and watch The Great NPH on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, or I'll punch you in the face.


Shaunna Faye said...

Oh God, I love it too! I need to get them on DVD so I can watch them all the time. I'll definitely be seeing NPH on SNL this week. Weeeeeee!

katiewhitecoat said...

gotta be honest... can't stand how i met your mother.

The Coaster Critic said...

Someone else remembers Are You Afraid of the Dark? Yes! And Lost is good, but it's getting to the point where I have to turn my brain off to watch. There are WAY too many unanswered mysteries in that show.

Oh and I just bought an '08 Sentra too. I love it so far.

Candice said...
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Candice said...
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Candice said...

For some reason my comments keep getting jumpled up---- but basically- I just wanted to say that Michael and I watch HIMYM religiously and I totally agree with you on all accounts. They have become like old friends to us over the years.