Monday, January 5, 2009

Thank You Jay Wilson

I started my year off right. I slept until noon, I cleaned my room, I watched The Biggest Loser Marathon from beginning to end and I went to the gym.

An episode of Jeopardy was on. I suck real hard at Jeopardy. If it’s not covered by Perez Hilton, about stationery or referencing How I Met Your Mother then most likely I will not be able to answer the question. Like most gyms, there is no sound to the tv. So, you are either smart and brought headphones or you know how to read lips. Neither or those I did or was able to do.

The category was ‘Occupational Wear’. The question seemed to be right up my alley along the lines of useless information and celebrities. The question was, “Though Ashton Kutcher sported this hat, basically a mesh-back ball cap, it did not have a long haul of trendiness.”


The answer is fishing hat!

Wait, that doesn't sound right?

Fishing cap?


Bait hat?

Something hat?

For the life of me, I could not think of the name of the hat! Edith, the 68-year-old who ended up walking away with $0 knew it. I didn’t bring headphones. I can’t read lips. I had no idea what the dang hat is called. Again, Edith knew it.

Last night while Kris was talking about losing Finn in a Panama City Wal-Mart, I looked over and saw Jay Wilson. And thank God I saw Jay Wilson. He was wearing that hat. A glorious blue hat.

So thank you Jay Wilson.

Jay Wilson, thank you for wearing that blue trucker hat last night. I was able to rest my head last night knowing that I knew what trendy occupational hat that Ashton Kutcher sported.

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